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  • Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane
  • Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane
  • Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane
  • Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane
  • Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane

What is the Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane?

Sikabit is a a Pro Bituminous Membrane designed to have market leading waterproofing, durability and UV protection over its long enduring life span, as well as boasting exceptional fireproofing both during and after application.

Why Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane?

Sikabit is an innovative membrane that focuses on quality and safety, making it perfect for both commercial and domestic needs:


Sikabit is a three-layered membrane, with further subdivisions within the cap sheet to ensure superior UV stability as well as unbeatable waterproofing protection, verified by the 2000 hours of UV aging with the Xenotest and 800 hours of sunlight and rainwater in the UNI 8629 QUV test. Only made better by its CE-Marked system with a declaration of performance to EN13707.


The Sikabit membrane has both a self-adhered and torch-on option when installing to ensure that all types of builds can endure safe installation and protect your commercial or residential property from any potential fire hazards. Furthermore, its application is in accordance with NFRC campaign Safe2Torch and further fire resistance is tested in accordance with BS 476 to give you peace of mind both during and after installation.


The Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified bitumen membrane and Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefines (APAO) compounds within the cap sheet ensuring lasting, high performance on top of its ability to offer puncture protection. The c.8cm side strips ensure effective sealing of the laps, further protecting your roof from any potential weak points that alternative membranes could cause.

Feature Break Down


As well as the aforementioned option in application to avoid potential fire-hazards, Sikabit also offers flexibility and temperature resistant adhesives to ensure that even the most awkward shapes of roof can receive the unbeatable quality of Sikabit membranes.


The Sikabit guarantee offers up to a 25 year guarantee on works using Sika products, this is further backed by the fact a Sika Surveyor will come out to each work and assess that it meets their high standards, offering you further assurances of quality in both product and application. Only topped further by our 10 year workmanship guarantee.

Perfect for Green Roofs

The Sikabit Pro Bituminous Membrane has root resistant additives, humic acid resistance and elastoplastomeric polymers. Making it ideal for green roofs as it offers excellent penetration resistance against roofs and resistance from toxic elements that may be released from fertilisers and plants.

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